Welcome to Walking Autism, a blog about Asperger’s Syndrome from one woman’s perspective.

I remember many years ago hearing about someone who had “walking pneumonia” which, like it sounds, often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed. Asperger’s Syndrome or “high functioning autism” has the same tendency, especially in girls (and women), where it manifests itself differently from its expression in males.

As a fifty-year-old woman who has just discovered she is autistic, I am a fine example of one who has been walking around in my own quirky world, ignorant of my own brain differences-for decades. I don’t look autistic, which is probably one reason I couldn’t even see it in myself! This blog is about Asperger’s as walking autism and it’s also about my process of walking out autism day to day. Think of “walking” as both an adjective and a verb.