What if it’s not Autism?

If you look at all my entry dates, you’ll notice that there’s been a great gap in blog post frequency. I have been in the process of being evaluated for autism, which includes filling out buckets of forms, thinking about the past and the present in the context of possible autism (as opposed to not noticing my quirks, which I always thought were just like everyone else’s).  I’ve been a bit too busy to write. But it’s more than that. I’m also a bit fearful that without my “certificate,” I am not a credible writer of autism-related musings.

So tomorrow is the big day, the day of the evaluation. Last week I went in for an interview for three hours. I took along my husband of six years and my mother. I just hope we answered everything in the most true and honest way. I chose to go to TEACCH in a nearby town, which is the gold standard in testing for autism. This is a bit scary for me because if the experts say I don’t have high functioning autism, I’m afraid I’ll have to believe them.

I feel a bit afraid of what is to come but I’ll know for sure on March 21, 2017, at which time, I plan to write again.

Cheerio, Y’all, until then.


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